Tiny House



Tiny house by the water

A young mother and her seven-year-old daughter love being outdoors, enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of nature. They seize every opportunity to camp outdoors and escape the hustle and bustle of the city they live in. It gives them a feeling of freedom.
They would like to capture that feeling by building their own tiny house in the river area just outside their city. At cycling distance from school, friends and services, but completely self-sustainable.
The house has a cylindrical shape which creates a cozy atmosphere. By
cleverly placing two walls, the house is divided into a number of functional
zones. Some of those double for different use, responding to the ever-changing needs of mom and daughter.
Sophisticated and innovative techniques such as a compost toilet, a rainwater buffer and a water purification system are used so that no drains are needed.
Smart natural ventilation, passive solar energy and solar panels provide cooling, heating and electricity.
Surrounding the house are a few round planters to grow crops and pens to hold chickens and goats for a continuous flow of food.
By using natural materials as finishing of the house it blends with the green and natural environment effortlessly.


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Status: Ontwerp